Friday, February 28, 2014

Putin is exibiting naked agression--pure and simple!

First it was Georgia, now it is the Crimea and Ukraine. We have seen it before when Germany invaded the Sudetenland, prior to WW2 and what we are witnessing now is the 21stCentury expansion of the Russian Empire. The USA has stated that their will be consequences but no doubt the UN, USA and the rest of the world will allow Putin to increase his influence and it goes without saying, his corrupt personal wealth. Let's face it, the Putin was never going to let Ukraine escape from his clutches. He will claim that Ukraine has been historically part of Russia, just like China makes similar claims about Tibet.
We are in for unstable times as the  violation of Ukraine's sovereignty plays out. Who's next?---I think---the Baltic states and maybe even Georgia. It matters not whether it is under he Soviet flag or that of the new Russia. Just like the past, one man, Putin, rather than Stalin is the leader of the new 'gang,' on the block, one that has just changes its name! Make no mistake---Putin's Russia is invading Ukraine.

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