Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Telecom--you are always so nice when I ring up about my 'issues.'

No---I don't ring Telecom to discuss the various facets of my life---I just bog them! No, I ring them because of the continuing connectivity problems I am having with my internet. It is quite frankly a pain in the ass, and the only up-side is that I am learning some new techie-talk, because I seem to be ringing them everyday and I get to talk to people who 'try' to help me. It is a bit like an onion; you know, peeling off layer upon layer of skin, but in this case we have so far not reached in core of the problem
Today, I was home with a virus (not the best choices for days off---quite shitty in fact!) and when I wasn't sleeping I tried the internet. Not only did that crap out, but the phone line went down too. Eventually the phone came back on and I rang Telecom, dreading the procedure that I know I have to go through. Well, that didn't happen. Maybe they know it's me ringing and they put me through to a 'helper,' immediately. OK---to the point of this blog---it's about the fact that the people I talk to are so bloody nice. How can I jump up and down (like so many of you suggest I do) and lose my rag? It would be so much easier if the call-centre staff were rude---but they are damned good at their job.

POSTCRIPT!   Unbelievable------the outage of the phone was because Telecom had sent the excellent technician around to check things and he had taken the line down. That coincided with the outage. I was asleep (remember, I was home a bit under the weather!) and even though the dog barked, I didn't notice him outside. It was only when he came back that we got to the bottom of today's little episode. I had rung them and they were doing things back at whatever they call 'Telecom Central.' So----I am not going to assume that my trouble are over. Once again, I will bite my tongue and sharpen my fingers, ready for the next big 'drop-out.' Heck---it's not as if they are not trying. I shall put things in perspective and think of Ukraine, Russia, Syria and other places where shit really does hit the fan!

UPDATE!   The techie came back today and tested and tested and fecked around but he did get a stable signal, but----he can't guarantee that it is fixed. When it is stable more than a few days, I shall be asking for a nice credit. Damn---don't I deserve it?

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