Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dark days ahead for Russia as yet more 'repression,' takes hold in Sochi.

I fear for the future of the vast number of Russians who have resisted the actions of the State and it's cronies. An example of this was exhibited on the streets of Sochi, yesterday. Pussy Riot members were assaulted by a group of  'officials' and Cossacks, a group that was once widely used by the old Czarist regime. Now it appears that this group is acting on its own,  but no doubt sanctioned by the oligarchs and Putin's backers.
Freedom is receding at a fast pace in Russia and no amount of glitz or staged public outings by Putin will change that. Any move he makes is merely to divert attention from what is becoming widespread in Russia.
You can be sure that his heavy hand is behind the events in Ukraine too. It is only a matter of time before that country is swallowed up into the 'New Empire.' After tat has been achieved, look north to the Baltic States, indeed :Poland will be looking nervously towards the East.
Since the break-up of the Soviet Union and the underhanded passing over of state companies to the oligarchs and friends of Putin, we are witnessing a transition from one kind of repression to the model we see now. Ordinary Russians are the losers and ultimately, regions far beyond the borders of Russia.

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