Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chinese cars---would I buy one?

I have never bought a new car. Such a dream has always been just that---something beyond my means. Instead, at best I have had the occasional two to three year old cars and almost felt as satisfied with that ‘almost new feel.’ Some would say of course, that such actions are more sensible, given that once you walk out of the ‘show room’ with a new car, the worth plummets. I am not so sure if that is true these days.
So, when I observe Chinese cars coming into New Zealand, at prices well below their competitors and when I read about their ‘good value,’ when taking into account all factors, I start to look a bit more closely.
The price in NZ for Chinese cars starts at around NZ$11,000 for a 1300cc car (A Chery) and rises to over NZ$20,000 for a 2000 sedan from the same manufacturer. Then for those wanting a ‘working car’—you get the offerings from The Great Wall company.
One hears many ‘anecdotal’ tales about the reliability, safety and efficiency issues, as well as the re-sale price. What is certain is that the quality and safety issues are rapidly being addressed and I have read reports (that is the problem—who to believe?) that some models are ‘almost there re some of the above issues.
I would like to take the plunge as it were, but I think I will wait for a little longer, until I consistently read from well-respected Kiwi sources (like the AA) that Chinese cars ‘have arrived with most issues ironed out. Hell, why pay more than twice as much for a similar car from other countries.
I must say though, that even in China, if you have the money, you still chose from European and Japanese (and USA) models. If I had the money, I too would buy a BMW or Audi. Hell, I’d even buy an Aussie car, if they still made them! The bottom line---watch out for those new Chinese cars---they are indeed coming.

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