Wednesday, February 12, 2014

China is reading my blogs---I wonder who, but welcome anyway.

We read from time to time about freedom of access to the  internet in China. There are also regular headlines in the news media in NZ, about ‘human rights’ issues in China. There is often an addition to news reports about ‘Leaders’ visiting China bringing up the concerns about the above. I am therefore pleasantly surprised to see that readers in China are reading my blogs, because I do not always present life is China as a ‘bunch of roses.’ (I bet that got a few Chinese readers a little perplexed) To put it another way, after some of my blogs about the ‘concerns’ expressed by our politicians and others, I have been of the opinion that my miniscule attempt to critique the position of those who dare to criticise the might Communist Party, would be sort of---- ‘dampened’ or blocked. Maybe it is because I am only talking numbers re readership of 100s not millions, so my China-blogs hardly matter. I suspect that if I was any more strident in my ‘offerings’ re China and the numbers reached, how shall I put it,’ ---Chinese proportions, then it could well be a different story. I read about the pressure put on Chinese dissidents to ‘shut up,’ or face more dire consequences. They seem to disappear or to surface in the USA when they cross the line of acceptable opposition to the regime.
Still, I am happy to admit that life in China under the leadership of the CP is one hell of a lot better than it ever was under previous emporors and despots. The growth of the middle-classes and the super-rich shows that much is possible in the New China. Maybe environmental issues will be more important than perceived rights in the near future.  IN the meantime, go for it, my Chinese readers and greetings from NZ. Want a slice of Kiwiana---go to my website and download my book ROSKILL FOR A SMALL AMOUNT--- USA$4

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