Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why would you not like one of these little beauties!---and electric bike.

ON today's walk at the Bay in Onehunga I came upon the two people riding the bikes showing in the picture. I was wondering why Perdy was a little reticent about going to get her ball that I had 'thoughtlessly' (yeah right) thrown into the water, Usually she jumps in straight away and retrieves the ball. Given that it was a hot day---hell, I was doing her a favour. Not so---she was distracted by the two people on the bikes. Obviously the bikes were somehow different because she is not fazed by people riding bikes---she just  moves out of the way as she should. The bikes must have been giving off some sort of subliminal sound that only dogs can hear---I don't know for sure. Anyway the guys stopped and I couldn't help asking about the bikes. I shall be blogging much more about them as I was blown away by how good they are. I gave the guy my card and hopefully he will contact me so I can have a go--and yes---oops I think I shall get one. I thought they would be much dearer than he told me. About $1600 and they are from Australia. Once I have the specs ect. I shall put them up on a blog and take it from there. Watch out for more information. This is what we need using those bus lanes---get people out of cars and you can still peddle for exercise too. A bloody good compromise in my humble opinion.

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