Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An unenviable task for the police in Christchurch as dumb-arse youth riot!

New years eve went by relatively calmly for most of NZ. People had fun and yes, there were arrests for those who 'went too far,' but overall, it could be said that we have seen years when it was a great deal worse. The stand-out case' of the 'one that got away,' in Christchurch is the exception. A group of young flatters, either naively or stupidly let a party get out of control. By the time people had restored some sort of order, the flat had been damaged to the point that it was uninhabitable. The young people living in the flat try to blame the carnage on Facebook. Get real guys. How come someone young and probably FB-savy could be sucked into thinking that anything else would be the result of their invites to 'friends.' In the old days, such things happened too and that was just through word of mouth and the resulting 'gate crash' criminals arriving at the scene. I cannot believe that they were unaware of the ramifications of their party like it was the end of the world.
The police were hampered by a stupid law that did not allow them to enter the property because they did not have a permit until someone in the property complained. How stupid is that. The party could have been clamped down much earlier, preventing the craziness that followed, if only they had acted faster. Have we learnt nothing from previous experiences of parties that have been fed by the FB pages and other social media platforms? Lets look at the laws around preservation of a reasonable level of peace in our communities that so that we are all safer. I am not advocating some sort of puritanical regime re parties, but I am looking for a balance, whereby we are all the winners. Fun---with responsibility and of people can;t act themselves, then let the law do it for them! I hope these young fools have learnt. No doubt the 'daddy' of the flatmates, who owns the property will have his 'say!'

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