Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hey Aussie, mates---give Kiwis a break. Where is that famous ANZAC spirit? Is this the ultimate 'under-arm bowl?'

How do you look at yourselves in the mirror my Aussie friends? How do you manage to keep your breakfast down each day, knowing that your good friends, hundreds of thousands of Kiwis, who have stood beside you in war times, helped out during the bush fires and paid their taxes are denied some very basic rights of living in the 'lucky country.'
We are very close as neighbours, culturally and even more so on the sports fields. Yet---you have this absolutely cruel anomaly in that you do not let a large group of Kiwis become citizens, some of whom have lived and worked in Australia for 20 or more years, contributing in many areas of your economy. You also bar us from receiving many benefits that you bestow on other arrivals soon after they land on your shores.
Kiwis are far from being 'bludgers' despite the fact that you have highlighted a few who have done so. Kiwis have excellent reputations as hard-working and productive individuals. Kiwis fit in as no  other group, yet you treat us as second class 'non-citizens.' This has to stop!
New Zealand treats you with respect when you arrive here, even though we give you a 'bit of stick,' much like you do at our expense in Aussie. Is that not what friends and family just 'do?'  You receive all of the benefits of being a Kiwi when you join us, including voting rights and the support that you deny us re health, social services and other 'rights that we take  for granted.
The tide will turn if you do not change this situation. We already see a flow back to NZ as your economy seems to take a turn as China doesn't buy quite so much of the 'wealth that you 'dig from the ground.' Hell, you may have to do the jobs that so many Kiwis do or take 'others' who you don't seem to like, although you are more generous to them.
 If our leaders grow some 'balls' and actually challenge you on this important issue, then, will you still expect to receive the kindness and support that we give you? I sincerely hope that our historical 'special relationship' is not tainted by this very unfortunate time in our history. We belong together, not as unequals, but members of the same 'caring and sharing family.' Until then, many NZers are seriously thinking about the basis of our shared history. This should not be so! Look into our collective past and see it within yourselves to return to that mantra that we also share...... 'Everyone should have a fair go!' That's fair dinkum mates!

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