Friday, January 24, 2014

A gap of five or more years between contacts with old friends is no more than a day!

Is it not a 'truth' of this world that even if you do not speak or see an old friend for a few years, it just doesn't matter; you just take on from where you 'left off.' It's a wonderful feeling when you get a blast from the past; that unexpected call, that brings back warm fuzzies as you remember how you used to connect. That happened today and the person knows I am talking about her. Bet that's got some of you thinking---well don't==just do the same for someone you have 'drifted' away from. I'd like a few more days like today---priceless.
PS   The website will be back and running next week. with more protection from those naughty hackers! Check it out after Thursday.

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