Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bariatric Surgery support group may be walking 'Round The Bays.' Join us.

I was talking to the latest addition to our support group today and he brought up the idea of us walking the 'Round The Bays,' in about 5 weeks. Given that he only had the operation last week, he is indeed brave. As long as he gets the 'all clear' from the doctors, then I have no choice: I will join him! I therefor throw out the challenge to our friends and supporters to join us, if not in actuality, then at the end for a smelly sweaty' picnic. OK we can change and maybe jump into the sea first. I am not talking about some mad running tortuous crazy activity; more something like a gentle 'sojourn around the beautiful Auckland  bays, avoiding of course all the spit and God knows what else that 'those who wenteth before,' left behind. Sound good? Let me know.    PS  I can 'feel some special printed T-shirts coming on.

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