Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's so good to see my fellow bariatric Surgery mates doing so well!

I had my operation about 10 months ago and it seems that I have stabilized around 76.5 kilos. That is more than what I thought I would achieve and so far, it is not hard to maintain that weight. The walking and having a crazy Jack Russell can only be good in that respect. I have also had the support of family and friends; that cannot be overestimated as it is hard to do this on one's own.
Now I am happy to report that two friends who have undergone the same operation are also doing really well. Mel, who has ben on her journey for about 4 or five months now and Doug who had his operation just over a week ago; both are showing real determination to have a better future. It is so good to see their new 'zest for life, as they come to terms with the direction they need to take. They have both grabbed this opportunity with both hands and even if they have the odd  'down time,' they always see the light and the end of the tunnel. In my view they are already out the other end and rushing to the next 'station;' a space that is full of hope and new promise. Well done both of you. We will celebrate our collective success with family, friends and supporters very soon. Hugs all around! (you may even be able to access the suite again soon.)

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