Friday, December 13, 2013

WE all knew that John Key would put his spin on the figures for the referendum.

OK, we all do it. We interpret figures which ever way suits us and the latest bullshit that John Key is shoving at us re the figures for the asset sale referendum is a prime example of just how creatively deluded he can be. He says that 67% is very low considering that only 43% of the people bothered to vote. That is of course true and no amount of moaning from those of us opposed to the selling of our assets can change that. The real enemy here is the apathy of NZers. They simply don't care!
However, before JK gets too secure in his rebuttal of the 67%, he should also acknowledge that the vote in 2011 was also one in which the turn-out was not an historically high one. His party may have been the biggest but he came up way short of a majority of eligible voters. So, when you listen to his 'arguments' about the populace not being behind the move to scrap asset sales, take that into account. He and his party are a very much minority Government and he does not have the mandate of the people for his plans. Add his nasty snivelling comments (and you can expect more of the same) and you get the full picture of how he intends to fight Labour and the Greens.  Hopefully they make sure that they don't fall into the same pattern of pathetic responses, no matter how much they are goaded. They would be just playing into his dirty hands.

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