Thursday, December 12, 2013

ROSKILL---DOWNLOAD IT FOR XMAS! Get your Kindle from the link on my website!

If you have a Kindle, go and download ROSKILL, a book that students are using for their 'responses' in NCEA (Level 1) and a book that all teenagers should read, along with their parents. ROSKILL asks the big questions: What would you do if your partner took a dark turn to the world of 'P'? What help is there when things go terribly wrong? Who can teenagers turn to when their world is torn apart?
I haven't got a Kindle, you say. That's OK; you can get one by following the link on my website  or you can use any reading APP. Most laptops and computers have that now. Help me to get the message put about ROSKILL by passing the link to my website on to your circles and friends.
Have a very Merry Xmas my friends! (the first of many such wishes.)

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