Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bariatric surgery, 8 months on--was it worth it?

I have absolutely no doubts about my decision to undergo Bariatric surgery. I have heard and read about horror stories of the difficulties some people have had re their procedures and I know that some people put much of the weight they lost, post surgery. For me, there were no hooks or bad experiences and that is down to luck as much as attitude or any other factors. I still do not advocate this pathway for all 'morbidly obese' people as we are all different. All I can say is that it has worked for me. As for putting the weight back on:  That is a physical and economic 'no-brainer,' apart from the metal health issues associated with that. Why on earth would I spend NZ$17,000 only to then see it all go to waste because I couldn't keep my hands off food? I think that is where the huge support I have received comes in, from family (particularly my sister) and friends along with the good medical back-up. Without that, my journey may well have been different. So, it is the combination of my own determination, good preparation, medical and 'support' generally that have help me to a successful result.
I have stabilized on about 77 kilos and that represents a loss of 43 kilos or about 35% of my former body weight. I seem to have settled on this weight for about a month now and it hardly varies now. I continue to eat multiple small meals a day as that suits me best. I rarely go more and a few hours without some sort of snack. I never miss breakfast and all of my meals are about entrée sized. I have not lost my love of food, especially the preparation and love of new recipes. It is only the 'quantity and quality that has changed. I still love to cook for people and to blog my successful 'inventions,' especially if it involves the use of my 'solar oven. See my other blogs for reports on that contraption.
My food bill has gone down and my clothing bill way up. I love shopping for clothes now; at the malls and shops and online. Of course there have been a few beneficiaries of the cast-offs as I have gone through many size reductions. Hell, sometimes I have not even worn the new clothes as the weight-loss transformed me before I had a chance to wear them!
There are of course the other benefits to losing all that weight:
Gone---Diabetes (type 2)
Gone--Sleep Apnoea
Vastly reduced---High blood pressure.
Increased----energy levels
Enhanced---self-esteem and a sense of wellbeing.
Now, all I need is to be commissioned by a large publishing house to write a book. Yeah right!

Do you want o know more about BS? Go and do the research along with good advice from your doctor. Go well.
 the big me!
And now!
We can go places together now---such fun!

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