Friday, December 27, 2013

Today, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Really?

OK, OK, I am just trying to grab your attention. What I have to tell you is perhaps just a bit of light relief from the wars, corruption and bullshit I have been listening to in the news, from all around the world. If is isn't self-destructive suicide bombers or dishonest politicians, failed states and God knows what else at this 'festive'time' of the year, it is yet more bad news. So--I made something happen for me. AND---I warn you, it is totally frivolous, so----- STOP reading right now!
I like Trade Me, an on-line facility in New Zealand, sort of like a smaller version of E bay. I use it to sell a few items and to increase the usually less than useful items that inevitably end up---yes you guessed it---in the garage, or shed in my case. Sometimes I actually use the items I win. Yes, I admit, I get carried away. But, more often than not, I bid on certain items and usually get blasted out by clever 'dealers,' who I suspect sit with their finger on the button, to win deals that they then sell on to others. I AM NOT A DEALER, so I am not so good at doing that.
This time, I spied some cups that I really liked and I made a decision that I would win them and use them every day. They were about 30 years old and a certain appeal that goes well with serving coffee to friends, family and of course---me! Before you ask---yes, they were Crown Lynn.
I put my bid in, trying to find the tip point, or reserve price. After upping the bid to over $30, I succeeded in meeting the reserve price. Then, the war began. A dealer had his/her eyes on the
 same items and when I looked at their profile I noted that they had many of the same things on their page, at much dearer prices. So I made a decision to meet them head-on. after all, they were trying to buy them and sell them for a profit. I was going to love them and use them---no, no the dealers, the cups! So, I did not have the profit motive driving my actions, merely that of 'wanting something a it too much.'
Over the next few days I checked my 'bidding war' and usually they had outbid me, so I waited until a few hours before closing time and put on an 'auto-bid' a few dollars above the last on-lone bid. I then waited with my fingers poised (yes, that is how people win!) and hoped like hell that the bid would not auto-extend. It seemed that the dealer must have been at the beach or otherwise engaged, or perhaps had decided that there was not enough 'margin' in the deal for him going beyond my bid. I WON! Do I feel good---hell yes! Was my story of any value to humanity---hell no! So my guest can sup their tea and coffee from cups with a 'retro feel.' Will it taste any better?

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