Friday, December 27, 2013

Perdy checked out what the 'rich and famous' are doing in Auckland.She wasn't that impressed.

There is a rather strange looking boat (I know, it's probably called a yacht--but 'they' have sails as far as I am concerned!) in the Auckland marina at the moment. It hails from Russia, the land of the new billionaires and is here for some sort of makeover. We stumbled upon it down at the new Winyard Quarter, a new addition to the Auckland waterfront. Don't worry Wellington; it has nothing on the magnificent version you have---yet) Each time we visit the area it seems to have had another addition, almost appearing overnight. I hear there is even a plan to construct a 300 metre long canal. Won't that be 'nice.'
We took Perdy and she did not like the huge yacht. Maybe she could detect sounds that are way beyond the human ear or she just didn't feel welcome. After all, she is a British dog by design!  Don't get me wrong----I have nothing against these luxury yachts coming into our harbours. They provide much needed work for NZers and the services they require help local businesses.
Needless to say, we were not invited on board, to be served Russian Caviare and champaign. I guess it is not within the scope of mere mortals like myself to aspire to such giddy heights. Maybe the owner will read this and call for me to visit this 'other side' of life. Yeah right! Oh well Perdy; time to go home for a nice cup of coffee and some Xmas goodies.

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