Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cyber warfare---is that our future?

Maybe I have I reading too many books from the science-fiction, 'preppie' and post and post-apocalyptic genre. Maybe I have an imagination that loves to dwell on such issues, real or unreal, but when I saw an item on BBC TV today about just such a possibility; that is, one the portrays cyber attacks from many nations, sometimes on so-called 'friends,' is  a fact that is being acted upon every day. It is not just the 'big boys' on the block undertaking such hostile actions and it is not only governments that sponsor these activities.
On a daily basis, according the to the reporter, actions are being taken to counteract the activities of individuals and government, intent on 'testing' the resolve of big companies and governments to resist such cyber attacks. Closing down water supplies and energy grids are an example of the targets involved, although there are many reasons for the actions of these hackers, call them what you will, sanctioned or not by their home governments.
It is only a matter of time before a major 'close-down' of infrastructure' will occur; not if, but when. What is particularly worrying is the huge number of individuals and governments 'pushing the keyboards and learning ever-new methods to play out their potentially deadly 'games.' One does not have to think too deeply to imagine the results of any 'successful' attacks from some of the countries and organizations who are joining the 'fray' everyday.
What is being done to prevent a 'preppies' heaven? Apparently many governments are spending large amounts of money to insure that the hackers do not succeed. But if money is the major 'calling' for those behind the cyber attacks, it goes without saying that sometime very soon we are going to see a major result, taking down a huge energy grid or water supply, causing massive public disorder. That it has not happened is down to luck as much as any 'preparedness' on the part of nations.
If the attack is on military complexes and the computers that keep them running, then the scenario is elevated to even scarier heights. Just read a book from the plethora of titles out there to come close to understanding the ramifications on that front.
If your heart is not in your mouth now, then perhaps you have coped in the same manner I do; stick your head back in the sand and get on with the 'here and now' of your life; watching an inconsequential sporting game on TV or insulting a politician making an announcement on the nightly news. There are many other issues to divert us from an unthinkable act of cyber-terrorism after all. Hell, don't even get me started on the reality of 'cyber-bullying.' Maybe you are more like me, and just hope that those charged with 'protecting us' from the mind-boggling scenarios I have described, will keep us safe. Perhaps you just don't want to think about it!

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