Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ACT about to leave, 'stage right.?'

The ACT Party has had a colourful history; perhaps most would say a dark shade of blue being it’s predominant colours despite attempts to disguise its real identity by using a more garish colour. Act has also had leaders who have a tendency to hog the headlines, using a range of media attracting ‘acts.’
Most people associate ACT with the right in politics and also with being on the wannabe ‘richness list.’ Some would say that the positioning of the party as those who we used to call yuppies and perhaps espousing policies similar to the Libertarians (another party that seems to be sinking beyond rescue status) and sometimes emulating the new ‘babes’ on the block, the Conservative Party.
We should be in for a slanging match between the Conservatives and ACT as one goes through its death throes and the other circles around like a bunch of hyenas. We are most definitely in for some entertainment as the two play ‘I’ve got a bigger whatever than you.’
The National Party must be wringing its hands in despair as it searches of a ‘soul mate’ amongst the parties on offer but there are no natural contenders other than the two presently hold the dancing tickets. Those who dared to fraternise with them in the past are also in danger of imminent demise; namely the Maori Party and Peter Dunne’s easy to forget group of centrists. National does not have enough support in the electorate to go it alone so it must cast around for whoever will join it on the benches, but one has the distinct feeling that those who put the dancers on the floor are having second thoughts about ‘paying for the taxi to take their favourites to the ball.’
So, back to the ACT Party: We have seen the ‘brashness’ of the past and the silliness of Banks who put all his money in the wrong account and now he is about to depart for realms unknown. ACT will soon be a distant memory as those who once joined it in the ‘garden,’ now deny all knowledge of ‘ever having being there.’ RIP ACT and may those who once loved you try to hide their blushes as they guiltily pretend that they never voted for you in the past. Go well, but go far!

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