Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dream, Destiny, whatever---they are all cut from the same cloth!

It seems that Destiny Church is well on the pathway to becoming yet another ‘has-been’ poser amongst the cults that rip money from those who can least afford it. Strong words---of course they are, but nothing makes me angrier than so-called charismatic’ leaders controlling the lives of those who have least, under the guise of ‘spiritual redemption and social awareness.’ They claim to help their congregations, but that comes at a cost to those signing up for the ‘dream.’ Just read the reports over the years and then look at who has left the fold; the latest, Mr Lewis, to start his own Dream factory of hope.
What is it with these guys, that they demand such adulation from their followers? I guess it is just a continuation of what has always been, particularly in times of the growing gaps between the rich and poor. The fact that remains constant is that the leaders of these groups always seem to live in luxury as they control their flock from on high. Oh well, I guess religion has its own versions of the politicians who also seem to be going the way of Lewis and Tamaki. Read into that what you like.

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