Monday, December 2, 2013

Something stinks in the 'state of NZ.'

A British cyclist arrives in New Zealand to compete in a series of races. On his day off he decides to go down one of Auckland’s main street wearing a colourful cat adorned shirt. Several thugs take it upon themselves to ‘deal to him,’ for whatever reason, only they know. Perhaps his choice triggered some deep urge to ‘punish’ the cyclists for being a bit too ‘out there.’ The result ---serious injuries that may well have ramification for the cyclist further down the road.
What justifications can these lower levels of humankind (and that’s stretching it a lot!) give for such actions? If people cannot go about their daily business without having to look over their shoulders at every step to avoid such ‘encounters’ with New Zealanders who do not represent the rest of us, then we are a very sorry society.
We need to apprehend these people! You can help by looking at the picture of the men who the police suspect of having attacked the tourists. The sooner they are off the streets and put somewhere far more suitable, the better for us all. Hopefully by the time you read this, the police will have caught the men and Auckland will be that must safer for everyone.

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