Monday, November 18, 2013

Knowing your neighbours can be a joy!

I live down a driveway, shared by three neighbours plus another two nearby. There is a parking area in front of our car parks which allows for turning and a few extra spaces. In some set-ups like this, there is a tendency for friction. Not so in our area. The 'zone' is one in which we all meet, sometimes inviting neighbours to take that extra step, bringing about a feeling that many people have forgotten; talking, communicating and sharing. Our conversations can be quick greetings or lengthy time-wasting but very enjoyable occasions. They have led to invitations to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, which means lovely Indian food, or a coffee made on my machine. We look out for one another; once even needing to help an older resident up when she fell. Our pets share the space, although Perdy thinks she is head bitch, but she is a Jack Russell, so everyone seems to understand. Perdy's barking informs neighbours as to who is in the neighbourhood. They know her different barks, some of which tell us that a person is 'a knocking' and about to sell us something. We stay inside, knowing that Perdy will chase them away. I am grateful to be part of this little community of neighbours, sharing out excess fruit or other products of our labour. What better than to arrive at home after a days work and then spend a few minutes, putting the world to rightness. Simple but perhaps forgotten pleasures.

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