Monday, November 18, 2013

Kiwi dies from a superbug that is resistant to all antibiotics. Is this a sign of 'things to come?'

I am a fan of ‘post-apocalyptic’ or doomsday world novels.  I read them from some weird sense of wanting to be shocked but I have to say that they are beginning to wear a bit thin with me, especially those written by American ‘Tea Party’ ‘Preppies.’  There is something about the story lines and the scary yet tantalizing future that is more simple but a whole lot more dangerous that ‘connects’ with me at some level. The politics of many of the writers is diametrically opposed to that of my own beliefs so I guess I could say that I am ‘sleeping with the enemy’ as a way of better understanding them. However another part of me is stirred by their stories of a world in which many of the products and services that we take for granted are no longer with us, unless you happen to belong to a group that has ‘prepared’ for this sad new world. Go to my Facebook page and you will see some of the books listed there that I have read, but I can feel a new direction coming on; it’s just a matter of when.
BUT----today’s headline about a Kiwi dying from a superbug, contracted in Vietnam and then having to spend the last 6 months of his life, isolated in a room because there is no cure for this superbug, gave me huge cause for concern. Doctors and scientists are reported to have acted in a manner that indicated they were ‘shit- scared,’ by this bug and the implications it holds for a future that resembles the stories in the books I have been reading.
Should we panic? Should we be pouring vast amounts of resources into discovering new forms of antibiotics or have we reached the end of that particular road? How much are we not being told about this possible scenario; a time when medical science does not have an answer. It seems that the medical professions and allied services around the globe may be sitting on a disaster in making; a final Armageddon of unprecedented proportions that would make the Black Plague look like a sneeze in a bathroom.
What are we to do as this possibility becomes a reality? If Science does not come up with an answer then it’s a mass ‘kiss your arse goodbye’ future. OMG--- the Preppies’ and ‘Survivalists’ are going to be in a heaven they have dreamed about for years. Their heaven, our hell! -----0r is this yet another conspiracy theory where the usual lot will profit. Go figure!

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