Saturday, November 30, 2013

Computers don't bounce very well. Funny that!

Jack Russells and computers don't really make for good playmates; well not if you want your computer to survive. About five days after my computer took a king-hit from Perdy, my 'playful' JR, I have finally got back to regular use of the keyboard and I have reasserted my willingness to play with words and images, in the form of my blogs.
I have pasted new rules of operation in our lounge. There shall be no manic running abut in circles by hairy beasts, no mater what their size. Anyone disobeying my proclamations shall be banished through the cat-door, that has formerly been used by the resident Jack Russell. She fully knows about this new beginning but I have my doubts as to the efficacy of my announcement, given past attempts to institute sanity.
So, Perdy, try to maintain a sense of decorum as you go about your day and please don't take every arrival at the gate as an attempt on the life of anyone residing with the home you so love to 'protect.' and please leave my computer out of your dog-brained plans.

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