Friday, November 29, 2013

Urban Soul, Manukau's wonderdul secret!

Yesterday I had lunch at Urban Soul accompanied by a friend. It was so good that I decided to bring back my sister to have breakfast on he way to Hamilton. You wouldn't know it was there as you fly past the Manukau City Centre on the Southern Motorway. Indeed many Aucklanders quite dismissively bypass anything associated with this southern part of Auckland; much to their own loss. Maybe Manukau City residents don't care as they get on with their lives, enjoying the many attributes of the 'South.' Urban Soul is one such jewel and if other Aucklanders find it, they may find themselves lining up behind satisfied locals.
Southern Soul is tucked in between the motorway and the Great South Road in an enclave that includes a bank and a mini-shopping centre with a large Countdown supermarket. I for one, didn't even know it was there until I was taken there.
When you walk into this café you are struck by the ambience of the place, ranging from quirky art through to very well displayed food. The service is friendly and efficient and the menu is eclectic with good gluten- free options. On the previous visit for lunch. I had chosen a liver and bacon hot-pot; a choice that I have mot seen for a number of years and one that I thought I wouldn't manage to finish given my recent bariatric surgery. I surprised myself and my companion by getting through the whole portion. It was tasty and I would go back for more, if only I could get more food in----but if you have kept up with my older blogs you would know why that is no longer part of my gastronomic journey.
Today, I left Perdy in the car (don't worry, it was cool at that early hour and by the way, Perdy is a Jack Russell and probably not welcome in the café!) and once again entered the café. I chose a French potato cake with two poached eggs and a Hollandaise sauce. Of course I couldn't eat it all but what I managed to get down was pure heaven. It was very well priced---$19.50 for the serving and the excellent coffee.
We left the café, satisfied and not at all worried that other Aucklanders haven't yet discovered this gem. Damn, they soon will and maybe we will have to 'reserve' a table, just like I observed yesterday for lunch. Obviously I will be back. What better start would one wish for when heading South. I am not a selfish guy, so feel free to pass on the knowledge of this delightful establishment.

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