Saturday, October 26, 2013

Snowden sends a message to people demonstrating in Washington about USA spying on world leaders.

I watched and listened with interest about a news item that states the support of Snowden to demonstrators at a rally in Washington, expressing outrage at the activities of USA spy agencies. He said that it represents misuse of power, a threat to democracy and it has gone on for years. We also hear increasingly strident calls from the leaders of countries whose leaders have been 'spied on.' The list grows every day.
 Obama has hardly countered the accusations with  any enthusiasm leaving one wondering if he is fully aware of the rampant spying that is obviously taking place. We all know that the USA has many enemies and that a nation must look after the safety of its citizens but I can't see why the alleged spying on so many leaders helps in this cause.
Of course, other nations also play the 'spying game,' but they lack the sophistication of the USA. We can assume that China and other nations must be rubbing their hands with glee as the focus falls off their particular activities.
I do not support the 'big bully brother' attitude of the USA, but I can understand the fear inspired by the recent 'anti-American' attacks around the world. Any nation has the right to defend itself, especially when the 'attacks happen on their own soil and at their embassies around the world. The reasons for the world-wide 'anti American feelings have been the subject to passionate debate for years and the reason for this have not been learnt, either by the USA or its 'enemies.'
That Snowdon makes his statements from Russia is a bit rich though. He would be far more believable if he chose a 'real bastion' of democracy and truth. Russia---yeah right!

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