Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Zealand's 'friends' attack us in Afghanistan! The message? Come home, now.

The latest attack on our soldiers in Afghanistan by so-called 'friends' send a message we should have understood and acted upon ages ago, but we insist on following the good old USA in its failed endeavour to bring 'democracy' (whose style?) to this 'non-country.' I can hear the howls of anger from those espousing the need to protect women and girls from the Taliban. But should our boys and girls die for this---cause? What thanks has the 'West' ever received from countries where an 'intervention' has taken place, especially in the Middle East?
NZ follows blindly when the USA roars and our personnel willingly jump into the fray and families back in NZ suffer when their loved ones die. I know that we have sent our armed forces overseas in the past, but all too often in the 20th and 21st century and the conflagrations have been decidedly those in which the USA has decided what is best for these countries and more to the point, in the interests of the USA.
 In Afghanistan's case, they are flying in the face of history. No nation has ever won in this God forsaken country, going back to the British Empire, the USSR and now the USA and it's 'allies'!
Yes, we could keep pouring troops and resources into the region and the Taliban or some 'warlord' will dismantle the 'reconstruction' efforts and refugees will continue to arrive on the shores of our near neighbour, Australia, bringing some of the discontent with them.
How about we only send  forces to nations whose people clearly state that we are welcome. Arriving at this point, would of course be difficult to asses, given the complexity of local politics and religious mania that so often prevail. Put simply, we do not belong there! Bring our people home!

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