Thursday, September 26, 2013

The holidays are nigh--a message to all teachers.

Take this time to rest because you deserve it. Don't get sick because I know that so many of you give so much to your students and that you hold little back for yourself. Try to stay away from your school; even though  a large number of you will be 'called back' for training and planning purposes. Do something for you and you alone because your 'head' will still be around your classroom and your pupils. You will be the better for your students if you take some real time out; for you, your family and friends. Teachers in every country have a common goal; to make the lives of their students better in all manner of ways. So teacher/counsellor/parent/social worker---inclusive---put your feet up or if you must, take that special walk and be proud of the influence you have on that student in your class who no one else believed in. Yes teachers----this is your time!

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