Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kiwi 'spirit' already shining through! Pick yourselves up and 'at 'em' again.

Fact! ----you will never keep a good Kiwi down. Yes, we will take the odd knock or two, but we always pick ourselves up and we shine again. Yes, for a while yesterday, it was all gloom, but within a few hours people were talking about the next challenge. Sure, there are lots of people who do not want to see tax payers’ money being put into another challenge. They talk about the ‘hip replacements’ etc. -----and they may have a point.
What we need is for a study to be made into the real economic benefits for New Zealand. That will tell us once and for all, whether tax payers’ money is well spent, apart from the ‘feel good moments’ that are immeasurable.
I like what I am hearing about Oracle’s backers wanting to roll out a new competition that moves around the world; possibly one based on boats that are a bit more ‘accessible’ in terms of expenditure. That NZ has already played a strong part in the design, building and overall technology of all three main contenders is evidence that NZ needs to be in this competition. Yes, our boatbuilding industry will be a little quiet until the next phase of the AM competition is known, is something that would have happened whether we won or lost at the last regatta in SF, but the tide will turn as surely as it did day after day in the SF Bay.
So put aside the gloom and doom, NZ and embrace what lies ahead of us. We must be part of it.

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