Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kim Dotcom comes to the rescue. Hell---let the dust settle first and then?

The dust not even settled and we hear the Kim Dotcom says that he is prepared to help fund the next Team New Zealand America’s Cup campaign. I nearly did a back-flip when I read that. Actually the page wouldn’t load on my computer when I clicked to get the full story. Maybe it is all too much for the Government to even consider if it too is coming to the party and they put the much maligned secret service on to the Herald for daring to print such ideas.
KDC is not doubt a controversial figure and he has as many detractors as supporters. His reported aim of standing for Parliament would probably benefit from such publicity and at the very least the Government could be spurred to action rather than be left at the gate by KDC’s actions.
I guess we have to ask ourselves---what price do we pay for the continuation of Team New Zealand?  WE are going to be beholding to someone, so it may as well be from a NZ source. Perhaps the debate has to happen and at least check out the ‘home grown’ support for our team. Better that, maybe, than always seeing large overseas companies taking the glory. Is there a downside to KDC’s involvement? I shall watch this space with intense interest.

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