Sunday, September 22, 2013

Skiwi the NZ whale has surfaced prematurely!

I am rather disappointed re my efforts with Skiwi, the Kiwi whale who I had been training for months to make a ‘secret’ appearance in SF Bay just when Team NZ needed him most. His presence was merely to deflect some of the effort Oracle had been putting in recently.
I first met him on a lonely walks with Perdy on a West Auckland beach. He was just beyond the surf line and he was able to communicate with me in a manner that scientists have yet to discover. I shall leave that tale for another time.
I named him Skiwi, as that seemed appropriate. He told me that he often frequented the SF Bay area and he saw it as an annual event. It did not take it long for me to convince him that he too could play a part in bringing the Cup back home to NZ, but it had to be a clandestine affair or the Yanks would find another reason to delay, call off or even claim his presence as a reason for them to win.
All went well and sure enough, Skiwi arrived off the coast of SF, delaying his entry into the Bay until I sent a signal to the GP device he had swallowed before leaving NZ shores. Unfortunately he did the old ‘throw-up’ trick a day or two before arriving and decided to enter the Bay yesterday. I have no way of communicating now.
I suspect that he will cause a bit of havoc today, just at a time when his earlier ‘showing’ may cause the officials to use his possible ‘flaunting’ to call off the race----again! Oh well, I hope that he decides to head back out to sea and follow ‘plan B.’
Now that he has been discovered, he is going to tell a group of Dolphins who he met last year in the Bay to do the work for him. Their presence is a ‘constant’ and should not be reason to call off or delay the races. BUT--- they know what to do, as any clever dolphin does!  Wait and see!

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