Sunday, September 22, 2013

If you are going to win the 'Cup,' guys, do it first race tomorrow or 'lawyers' will be the winners!

Sad, but haven't we seen this before? The battle will be 'off the water,' not in a sporting way, but one driven purely by money and power. We  need to bring the race back to the water in order for the regatta to flourish. Those 'teams in waiting,' will make themselves known if Team NZ brings home the bacon. We will run a regatta that the world will want to come to. NZ will embrace the teams and despite the very best efforts of the lawyers behind most American teams, the 'spirit' of the original founders of this prestige event will survive and revive. That simply cannot happen if Oracle wins in the 'courtroom; actually the highest court in the USA---The Supreme Court.
Not only New Zealand will be watching yet another match point race tomorrow; many around the world will take interest and throw up a collective moan if NZ doesn't rise to the occasion. The only redemption for Oracle and its backers will be if their team wins---on the water. At that point New Zealanders will need to accept defeat graciously and GET ON WITH THEIR LIVES!

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