Sunday, September 22, 2013

P (Methamphetamine) is an ugly word for misery and destruction of everything you love!

Methamphetamine featured on 'Sunday' (A TV programme on NZ TV) tonight. I know from Facebook comments that it 'reached many people. The absolute destruction of people's lives and the affect that this insidious scourge has was only too apparent from the programme. No sector of society, rich or poor, educated or not; 'P' takes hold of lives and weaves a deadly spell. Somehow it connects in a manner that leaves the victim almost powerless. Those who push the 'substance' are equally victims; numbed morally and uncaring for their 'customers.' To see a family torn apart' a mother losing her children and ultimately killed by the ramifications of her usage, must have resonated with many of the Kiwis who watched the programme tonight.
In my own way, I have tried to portray the affects of 'P' on a family, in my book, ROSKILL.
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