Saturday, September 21, 2013

Now for something completely different!

NO, I am not going to talk about the America's Cup, or my solar or even about  ROSILL Ain't that a change!
Last night I was woken many times by the sound huge thunder claps and bright flashes of lightning. Perdy shook with fear and tried to sneak into the bedroom. This morning when I took her to the park near our home, the winding road (the same park that features in my first book, COSTAL YARNS) was littered with broken branches and other flotsam. Streams had obviously broken their banks judging by some of the larger branches strewn across the road. Even a manhole cover had been lifted and lay at a dangerous angle.
None of the this concerned Perdy; she continued to whimper as she excitedly contemplated her manic run, chasing her ball. A few minutes later, she discovered a new fun game; one in which she drops her ball in the stream and then jumps in and follows it. Sound familiar?
Knowing that I was going to go home and watch something on TV that I am not going to talk about, I fooled  Perdy into entering a deck that overlooks the Manukau Harbour, thereby allowing me to capture her before she ran off into the bush. Her freedom curtailed, she settled down into the back seat of the car and we headed home.
My plan now is to go to a Campervan show. Yes, that is my plan for the future. I want to buy one when I reach 'pension/Gold Card age. I shall continue to work as many Kiwis are now forced to do in order to make ends meet! I now look forward to a longer retirement, given the huge improvement in my health, post bariatric surgery. Previously I couldn't even drag myself up to the seat of some of the vans that I was looking at. Now, it is easy!
It is not my intention to buy a campervan today; I merely wish to inform myself about the range of possibilities. Of course, I shall seek lots of advice before I finally spend copious amounts of money (that I have yet to find!) on the object of my desire.
The sun has now come out and Perdy is 'playing dead' on the deck, pretending that she too will be coming to the Campervan show. Sorry girl---I will take you travelling once my plan comes to fruition, sometime in the future. In the meantime, you play 'guard!'

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