Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's time to put us out of our miserry, Dean!

New Zealanders are wondering when the pain will end. Every morning we get up and follow whatever routine we have settled into for the watching of the Cup races. For the last week, traffic on the road of our towns and cities has almost stopped and workplaces resemble anything but busy establishments where the 'customer comes first.' There would be little point because the customers are 'otherwise engaged.' Some can be found ensconced with those who should be serving them, around a screen, watching and hoping that 'this is the day,' when we bring the Cup home.
The rest of the world may have wry smiles on their faces as they hear about our obsession, but some of them should look to the times when 'World Cup fever' strikes them. Take for example how it has been and always will be when two mighty Nations in  the Football world clash  in a final. Are not the streets empty of people as the game begins and then a mixture of celebration and riot ensue as the result is known. I doubt that such scenes will erupt on our streets but new heights of emotion will emerge for NZers who traditionally are a littler more reserved than their crazy football friends in other nations.
My hope is that the races finish today but I may be disappointed yet again, if reports that the wind is once again playing 'silly buggers' and making it extra difficult for both teams to configure their boats. I can only hope that if we are ahead that the wind does not dwindle to a breeze, thereby leading to the officials calling off the race due to 'time rules intervening.'
One final point: It has been revealed that Oracle will take action, right up to the Supreme Court if NZ wins by only a two race margin. Once again, the final result may come down to 'litigation! Are we surprized?  Nah!

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