Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria-- a dilema that will not go away and one that can inflame a region.

The West along with a few Middle-eastern nations is about to launch a war on---well who? We all know that events in Syria are ripping apart that nation and the main victims are those who can least defend themselves. The incumbent murderer President is fighting for his very life and his opposition intent on bringing about his end. That is all that is clear.
When one looks at the ‘opposition,’ there are some disturbing factors. Firstly they are not inclusive and the concern is that once they gain power they will be merely puppets for other forces that are lurking on the side-lines. All Syrians will not be represented in any parliamentary body that emerges from the carnage. If the West is involved in setting up such a body, then one only has to look at past military interventions to see the sad results of such moves.
The West cannot impose a ‘western style’ democracy on nations that have no roots in such institutions. They will simply be inflaming an already divisive society. There is a distinct feeling that a ‘third party’ is waiting in the wings for the dust to settle; that organization has possibly been a ‘player’ already and it is not ‘home grown Syrian,’ nor does it have the best interests of Syria as its focus. I mean of course the very organization that is tearing Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan apart.
I am not being cynical when I make the claim that the above organization has a master plan that supersedes the wishes of the vast majority of the peoples of the countries I have listed. It is this group that is going to be the main winner in the event of a Western led ‘invasion or intervention in Syria. All they have to do is wait, watch and step in once the ‘dirty work’ has been achieved for them. That the USA, Britain, France and their lackeys do not see this is disturbing to say the least. Dare I say it that even little New Zealand can be drawn in as it has been so many times when the Lion roars.’
I do not necessarily support the stance taken by Russia and China re their opposition to any intervention, but their caution, based as it is on their own political ambitions in the area, should be a word of warning that unless there is clear evidence for a need to intervene and a plan that all agree to, post intervention, then the losers will only be those killed by such actions and of course the people of Syria. Will we never learn from history; recent history?!

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