Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cretins---what more can I say about the fools who tried to bring live scorpions into New Zealand?

New Zealand is a lucky country in that we do not have snakes, scorpions, really dangerous spiders, crocodiles and other 'nasties' that many countries have as their 'normal' inhabitants.Tourists can rest assured that they are not going to be harmed by our natural fauna and flora. Yes, there are a few spiders that are mildly annoying and the occasional (only 8 since records began in the 19th Century) fatal shark attack.
When a group of people tried to bring in live scorpions one can only say they are nothing less than traitors to New Zealand's good name. We are indeed lucky that our border control and other officials were able to intercept these creatures. I am of course talking about the scorpions but I guess the same label could be applied to the criminals who attempted the stupid act. I will be happy to read that they have received the maximum 5 years prison or (although I say--'and') NZ$100,000 fine. A clear message must be sent to the fools who did or would bring in 'threats to the New Zealand fauna and flora and hence our good name as a safe destination. I also wonder at the 'thinking' behind these acts of eco-terrorism!

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