Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Zealand seafood---pure indulgence, and 100% pure.

Yeah I know, New Zealand has come in for a bit of stick lately, mainly because of issues around Fonterra and the 'tainting' of a few batches of baby formula. Of course some countries totally overreacted and that was more about internal politics than anything else. I would still trust NZ produced food way above that produced in the countries who so spoke loudly and banned the NZ product.
Today I partook of a selection of NZ seafood that can only be described as an indulgent treat. For the grand total of NZ$20 I was bale to gently simmer in a particularly fragrant sauce some scallops, prawns and smoked salmon. There were three of us and of course I didn't exactly eat a lot, given my recent  bariatric surgery. I managed to get down 3 scallops, 2 prawns and about a matchbox sized piece of smoked salmon. I cooked some wild rice and made a mixture of mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, gently cooked in butter, apple cider vinegar, pepper and some dried herbs. The size of my serving; only a small side plate, simply tiny compared to my 'yesterday' meals.
My neighbour have given me a bottle of NZ Pinot Gris and that was the right mix for our meal.
Now as I listen to the rain falling on the my new deck-shelter, I feel most satisfied. I am sipping coffee and nibbling on one of my soon to be famous cookies. I wish! Call my indulgence a celebration of having lost damned near 40 kilos since I began my latest journey.
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