Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just how much in the way of economic bennefit does New Zealand achive from the America's Cup/

Every time the America's Cup series fills our screens there is debate about how much this spectacle is just a 'rich man's sport. Then there are counter claims about how much money NZ gains from the racing. Who do we believe? There are those who say that  money the Government put in (NZ$30 million) would be better spent on any number of good causes. If that was the simple end-matter of the debate then such claims would be true. What I  would like to see measured is the 'flow-on effect of the AC and how it brings in positive attention to NZ, unlike the Fonterra fiasco. How much does the New Zealand boat building industry gain from the AC? There is little doubt that the range of 'off-shoot employment opportunities have increased their profile and then employed more people. There would also be some sort of tax gain for Government coffers (read 'our coffers) and a possible return on the original 'investment.' Those who refuse to see this, have their heads in the sand and cannot see past their sand-filled eyes. Oops, I am straying from an unbiased condition. Let's see these economic reviews and if the ledger portrays a positive return, then let's have a stop to the bloody winging. I guess one would have to take into account whether NZ wins or losses. If the Cup returns to Auckland and the inflow of the syndicates and tourists takes us back to the heady days of the last 'hosting' of the Cup, then the formerly described wingers would be better to keep their heads submerged (a bit like Team NZ almost did today in SF!) until all is calm again and their view of the world remains that static picture of a boring and grey, never changing one. Damn, have I just hoisted my flag in favour of the  'Ye Olde Mug?'

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