Thursday, August 15, 2013

When is a walk not enough?

If you own a dog, walking is an essential part of having that responsibility. For your peace of mind and the health of you and your canine ‘friend’ you should amble about the hood on a regular basis. The sniffing pooing weeing and God knows what else also gets tended to. It is amazing who you meet; a social benefit for you both. I have many new friends as a result of my ‘walk-plus’ experiences now.
However, if you think that walking is enough then think again, particularly of you have one of those breeds (if you have knowledge of your dog’s lineage, that is) that tends to be totally manic at the best of time, never lone when you don’t exercise the hairy monster. If your dear little pooch happens to be a Jack Russell, then walking is never enough. The little devils reincarnated must be run off their feet in order for you to achieve anything approaching a peaceful evening. If you don’t, then be prepared a night from hell; too bad if you are feeling tired or just feel like staying in.
Jack Russells are born to run. They are a frustrated whippet or a wannabe greyhound. They want to run. They need to run. They must run till they almost drop and even then they will rest momentarily before they are off again. You must not shorten their run in the belief that ‘they have had enough.’ Enough is not on their large vocabulary. They want to run forever. It is only at the stage, when you have run them off their little feet that they will willingly accompany you home to a relatively peaceful evening.
Feel for me folks. I have not ‘run’ Perdy for two days, because I was tired and late home. She achieved new heights in her endeavours to entertain herself and bedevil us! I have been served a warning---‘take me out tonight or suffer the consequences.’ The bitch has spoken!

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