Sunday, July 7, 2013

NIMBYism raises its head again, this time in the 'richer' suburbs.

Oh no! Jets are going to be flying over some inner city suburbs in an experiment to lessen the noise and pollution for those areas traditionally encumbered by the activities of the airport. How terrible and ‘unfair.’ ‘It may affect values,’ claim local residents. OMG---we can’t have that! The flight paths should stay as they are; right through South Auckland, where the people don’t matter!
Get real Royal Oak and other atlas. Why not share the burden of having an airport that brings huge numbers of tourists and serves NZers so well? For year the residents of Otara and Papatoetoe, just to mention a few, have put up with the noise and pollution from the jets as they zoom in over their houses.
For a start, todays planes are quieter and less polluting, so man or woman up, and better still---shut up. Technology is on your side and as the years pass, the noise and pollution will lesson. If you can’t hack it---do what many South Auckland people have done---move! If you want peace and quiet, try the South Island. They need people. Oops, they may not want NIMBY Aucklanders!
I have noticed the planes as they come nearer to where I live. I just get used to it and I very much doubt that my little house in the glen will devalue. It even gives my elderly neighbours something to watch. They are not complaining!

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