Saturday, July 6, 2013

So you think that the casino deal is good for NZ and Auckland?

The casino deal is being touted in some quarters as the best thing since sliced bread. Those who are praising Johnny's latest bellicose announcement are being sucked into the big lie that Auckland is 'coming of age' and that there will be many benefits, the least of which is the large number of jobs. Yes, there will be jobs, both in the construction period and for the actual running of the business once it is built.
Lets just think about that claim for a moment. Forget about the social costs (that we are all going to be paying for!) in the form of 'broken families,' and the crime that feeds off these type of establishments. The jobs after the construction period, will be mainly low paid ones, often taken up by people who cannot afford to live near the city and have to spend their meagre pay on travel costs, further eroding any benefit they may have. Sure, a job's a job, and I am not decrying that, but lets get real about just what the employment really is.
So JK, (and Len Brown) don't go crowing about your magnificent  'victory.' Len won't gain so much, other than possibly extending his time in office but JK and his friends are the only real beneficiaries of this neighbour to the giant syringe in the sky!

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