Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sarin used in Syria? Who to belive in this 'quagmire.'

I watched an item on RT (Russian TV) which clamed that the UN is in possession of evidence that the 'rebels' have been apprehended in Turkey with about 2KGs of the deadly material, Sarin. There have been accusations that the Syrian Government is also using this terrible weapon. Now add to this deadly cocktail the fact that the West is supplying weapons to the rebels and the Russians are sending missiles to the Syrian Government and we are left with the same old story that has been repeated in so many countries in the past. Neither the USA (and its allies) or the Russians, Chinese and any exporter of weapons is innocent of pouring fuel on to the 'fires' raging in numerous undeclared wars, world-wide. Nothing has changed.
What we are witnessing in Syria is the destruction of a nation, where no side will be the winner and the people suffer terribly. We will see millions of refugees, seeking safety---almost anywhere, complicating an already terrible world wide problem. There will be more 'boat-people' seeking to land in far off places, like Australia and the world will watch silently as recipient countries close their borders.
Syria represents the total failure of the UN and the nations on the Security Council to bring an end to this conflagration. Instead the likes of the USA, the EU, China and Russia play politics; trying to score points or win favour with various groups within Syria, for no other purpose than their own geo-political aspirations in this volatile region.
What makes me sad is that the disparate groups within Syria, fed by their outside supporters are destroying a nation. It has descended to a war of 'revenge' rather than any nation-forming process. Does history teach us nothing?

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