Sunday, June 2, 2013

Maurice Williamson--let's end this media enhanced talk of him being a 'gay icon.'

So Maurice is the darling of the gay community because he made a funny, quite shallow speech in the New Zealand Parliament a few weeks ago. What a load of crap! That he said a few words that resonated with social media, world wide does not make him a functionary of social change or in any way a spokesperson for the gay community in NZ or anywhere else for that matter. He does not have a track record in NZ for being a champion for social change. If he is to be remembered for any one act it would probably be for jokes made about him driving a Skoda, back in the days when the rear-engine cars were seen as something to be avoided (unlike the modern up-market version). He also fell out of tune with the National Party he represents for a while and generally he has been an 'also ran' member of parliament.
So Maurice, next time you drive down the Pakuranga Highway under the 'big gay rainbow,' think about your wonderful work with the gay community, (yeah right!) take stock of your career and dream of your chance to almost have taken a tilt at the Auckland mayoralty, thinking that the large gay sector would have voted for you because of your words of wisdom and solidarity; think again and wake up. It was most definitely a dream verging on a nightmare---for Auckland! 

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