Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I hit all the 8's today!

I hit all the 8’s today, in a good way of course and it will be transitory to say the least. Yes, weighing 88.8kgs, down from nearly 120 is a good feeling. I still have a positive feeling and there are no negatives. Not being able to eat heaps of ice-cream is hardly something to moan about. Not having huge steaks can only benefit my ‘pocket,’ so on that front---I just spend the money saved on clothes. I can’t remember the last time I rose in the morning and actually thought about what I should wear. The only thing I have to extend is the range of colours. I know NZ prides itself on the mighty ‘All Blacks’ (our world champion rugby team) but black can be a bit boring. One thing it is good for is that you can put almost any colour with it. I can hear the incredulous reactions to my fashion statements, but who cares; it’s got to be way better than the ‘get up in the morning and see what fits me’ feeling.
Where to from here? I am told that the weight loss will slow down now. I set my new goal as being somewhere around 85Kgs in the next two months. Time and my efforts will tell. Next weekend a friend is running me through the basics of Pilates. That will be a hoot.

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