Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Charter Schools will be fantastic! Can't wait!

 I just threw up. I only wrote that to get your attention. Perdy, my Jack Russell will clean up the mess, don't worry. Hell, this blog is going south fast. OK, I am going to point out some very salient points about the efficacy of CS. They must have some good points because NZ has stood by and let the Government pass legalisation to let these schools come into our towns and  cities; probably most of them in disused, earthquake damaged or Government restructured schools. What a magnificent use of these 'community-centred once thriving  schools. The wackos will be -----damn, I meant 'spiritually dignified' sectors of society, hell-bent on promulgating their particular beliefs, whilst at the same time lining their pockets with the largess directed their way by a benevolent Government.
Many schools in New Zealand already run 'alternative' programmes (Teen parenting units for example) and they face cuts, I wonder where the money will come from to pay for the CHs. Don't worry; The salaries paid to the teachers to 'teach' in the CS will have that 'sinking lid policy applied soon after the kafuffle over their establishment has receded, along with any real knowledge of what they are actually doing. It's OK, don't worry; the CS are not subject to any rule that says the public has scrutiny over them.
CS will take those failing in the State system and 'turn them around.' CS will cow about their successes, for the first few years, before reality sets in. The kids who have been failed by State schools will quickly fall into the same trap. Unless the 'community' of the school, child and family, along with support from well funded Government and private agencies comes to the table, that is.
Look on the bright side. We can all benefit from the 'trickle down' effect of the Government's generous realigning of resources, all in the direction of the 'friends of National and ACT. Who are we, the people to object such lofty ideals. I continue my spewing! No doubt I shall attract comments from deeply informed readers like: 'We won you lost,' or 'get over it.' To that I say: Must we waste resources on the off-chance that a few kids will no doubt benefit> For goodness, let's fix and develop what we already have---A SYSTEM THAT WAS AND COULD STILL BE THE ENVY OF THE WORLD!

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