Sunday, May 26, 2013

Whats happening ot our seeds?

HI Sam,
I read your article and I had this feeling come over me that ranged from anger to a sense of absolute frustration. I have a great deal of catching up to do before I can fully understand the ramifications for much of the world re your article. I am not sure about how much this is affecting New Zealand, but from time to time there has been publicity about the effect of GE food crop experimentation. I would not be surprised if our universities who are conducting these ‘experiments’ are  under the influence of the company you have exposed as being the main driver of ‘seed ownership’ One thing I can understand is the fact that it is all about money and the increasingly small number of companies who are slowly but surely exerting their control over food production, globally. Governments seem to be in their ‘pockets,’ and this is worrying in itself. The trend is one that is part of the general globalization of many products, trade and means of production. I guess I have reached the point whereby my sense of growing discontent needs an outlet. I shall embark upon a journey to better equip myself for the battle that must happen and one that must be won for the good of the planet and the little people who wish to do no more than grow their own food, free from the domination of ‘world companies.’ Thanks for your article.

Neil Coleman

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