Monday, May 27, 2013

Eden Coffee----more than just one of the 'also rans.'

Today I ran out of coffee beans and that meant a visit to Eden Coffee in Mt Eden Road. I now only buy my beans from there, simply because the quality of the beans and passion of the people there is hard to beat. This time I decided to warm myself up with a cup of coffee to see if it was any different from that I make at home. I pride myself on making a pretty decent cup of coffee with my little Italian machine. According to the friendly barista, this is as it should be. The difference between commercial machines and the home ones is that the former are capable of making cup after cup of good coffee, while the later is good for a few at most, if made continuously. I had noticed that when I used some of the cheaper machines in the past to serve more than about 4 cups of coffee---well the quality declined somewhat.
One reason I like going to Eden Coffee is the interest the baristas take in the product they sell; that includes knowing their customers and asking for feedback about the coffee chosen. Not only that, but they remember what I brought last time and make suggestions about 'where to go next with my coffee adventure.' Today I even sat at the 'bar,' and had a flat white; one  made with the same beans I had purchased. The weather outside was bleak, but the mood in the little cafĂ© was quite different----friendly, helpful and warm. Going home through the rain and hail, I smiled as I thought about how much I looked forward to making my coffee at home and for a price that is not excessive. Thank goodness my recent operation hasn't precluded me from enjoying my favourite beverage. Yes, wine doesn't figure quite so much now. If I had to, I would give up wine, before my lovely coffee from Eden Coffee. Yes, I love my little brown pellets from heaven.

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