Monday, April 1, 2013

Unbloodybelievable!--I was told I can have cake tonight.

NO----I am not taking the piss. I have had two phone calls tonight; one from my surgeon and the other from the anaesthetist. It seems that my almost 15 KG weight loss on Optifast is indeed good. It has done the trick, by shrinking my liver and that apparently makes the operation via keyhole surgery much safer.

Now, back to the cake. It so happens that there is a lovely birthday cake for my partner, sitting in the refrigerator. I had thought it was out of bounds and had accepted the fact that I would just have a nice cup of tea and go to bed. Hell no. I was told by my anaesthetist THAT I CAN PARTAKE IN A SLICE and a glass of chardonnay!

I shall suffer my last day on Optifast tomorrow (although I don’t need to be as strict). I have ‘done the job’ and after the operation, my system will only tolerate small amounts of ‘liquidized’ food for about three weeks, then it will be very small portions of almost normal food for the rest of my life. That’s fine with me, as I reckon I have well and truly had my share of food and booze for several lifetimes. Just think of the money I will save and be able to divert to other things like, ‘debt reduction’ and possibly, some overdue travel.

 I am looking forward to my new life and will continue my blogs about how it goes. Maybe I shall put together a book at some stage to join the other three. Maybe it will even sell!

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