Monday, April 1, 2013

Perdy the monster destroyer.

Perdy, the 'destroyer.'!
Every so often I buy a ‘friend’ for Perdy. I suppose this is because I leave her at home when I go to work and sometimes she has to stay behind if I am going to a place where she is not welcome, like the supermarket, restaurant (she comes to many cafes though) or bank. What I am saying that I love to take her and I enjoy her outrages antics at the beach or park and then the total contrast as she sits quietly under the table at the cafĂ©, surveying the world as it glides past.

Today I brought her a little green crocodile that squeaks in the most delightful way when pressed or bitten, when between the jaws of the afore mentioned dog. We unpacked the groceries and tossed her ‘green friend to her on the grass. We immediately heard the squeaky cry of the beastie as she was attacked by Perdy. By the time we have packed away our purchases, the sound had diminished to that of an ‘asthmatic’ shadow of its former self. Not only that, but the jaws of the crocodile resembled those on one that had been run over by a train.

Poor crocodile-----what a short life you have had. Well, Perdy; that’s it for this week. I think I shall get you the real thing and see how you go with that; like the one in the fish pond. Try that for size!

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