Friday, April 19, 2013

Pirongia bound and Monty's Surprise. He has a very big----

I am not responsible for your first reaction to me header. Let's put things in perspective eh. After walking Perdy (OK, I walk, she does what jack Russells do, manic crazy whatever) I picked up Janice and we headed for Pirongia, A beautiful little village under a mountain of the same name.
Perdy behaved wonderfully and hardly barked during the two hour trip. Once released at our  friend's spacious section she returned to her crazy sate and found the hens. That was the end of her freedom. Luckily I had this long lead that screws into the ground. Sorry, Perdy. We enjoyed a lovely light lunch and I even managed to have part of this huge apple; it's much bigger than a grapefruit. That's what Monty's Surprise is and it must be one of the best apples I have ever tasted, even though I only managed a tiny portion. The picture does not do justice to the actual size, but the CD disks in the picture are about the same size. I shall most definitely plant this 'heritage' apple at my place.
Perdy managed to have a run and she was silly enough to approach the fence line of a paddock where several bulls were strutting their stuff. Let's just say that Perdy was more than happy to jump in the car. The size of the bull and their declared intention to squash her was mort than enough to have her happily retreating to the car for the trip home.  A nice day, and great to
catch up with friends.

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